Experience is making mistakes and learning from them’- Bill Ackman. Making mistakes in a physics exam helps you to learn.  It allows you not to repeat the errors in the next test. Therefore, once you make a careless mistake, learn from it. You should take physics exams seriously. The test requires to be done step [....]

Time waits for no man. When time passes, it is irreversible. Therefore, as a student, make use of every minute that you have. This will allow you to manage your time well and have a smooth learning journey. Time management helps you to achieve your academic goals. It allows you to attend your classes as [....]

Learning physics concepts in class is essential, but the lab sessions are equally important. Most students overlook physics practical and put their full attention into the classwork. However, it is crucial to work on your physics lab session skills to ace your physics exam. Physics practicals are the lab sessions where you interact with apparatus [....]

Every day you apply a physics concept to survive. From the time you wake up and go on with your daily activities, you interact with physics in one way or another. Physics applications make life easier on earth by allowing you to carry out various tasks. Physics concepts like sound, friction, heat, force, pressure, electromagnetism, [....]

Most students, if not all, have faced challenging moments while studying physics. According to many, it is one of the difficult subjects taught in school. As a result, a number cannot handle the subject and grow cold towards physics. In the end, they do not perform to their best. To do well in your physics [....]

Are you asking yourself whether you need to go for physics tuition classes or not? It is quite a challenging decision to make for most students. However, once you find it worth to join a physics tuition centre, your results start to change with time. Physics tuition classes are essential to students for various reasons. [....]

Physics is one of the complex subjects that students take in school. It entails different concepts that require your understanding. For this reason, most students have developed a negative attitude towards the subject. They perceive physics as a difficult subject and, therefore, underperform. It is essential to study physics for various reasons and do your [....]

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