It is needless to say; a teacher is a role model to many. Teaching enriches students with essential skills they need to become useful to society. Not only that, students are prone to believe their teachers as compared to parents. Thus, it is of utmost importance to have teachers with good qualities for students to [....]

Sec 3 Physics and Maths MYE Revision 2019 Attention PMC S3 PHYSICS & MATHS students! What to expect in the next 4 weeks? You must be aware that the Sec 3 Mid Year Exams is only 4-5 weeks away! So we thought it’s about time we gave you a little sneak peek on what is [....]

Reserve a Seat for the Movie Marathon This annual event is organised to help students get ready for the first JC2 common test (usually after the march holiday). Existing students and non-existing students are welcome to attend. You will be watching a video recording of 2017 Live lesson. This is a special, unique digital experience [....]

Physics is one of the complex subjects that students take in school. It entails different concepts that require your understanding. For this reason, most students have developed a negative attitude towards the subject. They perceive physics as a difficult subject and, therefore, underperform. It is essential to study physics for various reasons and do your [....]

A strong foundation in physics is crucial to every student. This is because it affects your performances in junior college physics right from the start. As a result, a firm foundation leads to excellent performance but a shaky one can cause underperforming. Secondly, a strong foundation allows you to have a positive attitude toward physics. [....]

According to the Department of Statistics in Singapore, households spent S$1.4 billion in tuition between October 2017 to September 2018. Also, by 2019, the number of tuition and enrichment centres increased from 700 in 2012 to 950. This is a clear indication that most parents have embraced the norm for their children to get help [....]

In Singapore, science teaching starts at primary school. Pupils are taught the basic science concepts in physics, chemistry, and biology. This helps to build a strong foundation early enough. However, most students cannot wait to drop the subject due to its complexity. Are you tired of your unsatisfying grades in physics? Do you feel like [....]

Singapore has one of the highly ranked education systems across the world. The country embraces education as the building block for national and economic development. In 2018, the government spent about 13 billion Singapore dollars on education. Private tuition classes are also a huge industry. When it comes to tuition, many parents across Singapore have [....]

Studying physics may not be a smooth journey sometimes. There are topics that may challenges you. For example, thermodynamics, quantum physics, and electromagnetism are not a cup of tea for every student. It takes time, practice, and commitment to have these difficult physics concepts at your fingertips. A good foundation right from the beginning is [....]

Movies come in different packages from action to drama series. They create a relaxing atmosphere whenever you take the time to watch them. Also, movies create memories in our minds that stick for some time. Different films gloom our memories with what happened in the ancient days among other lessons. Among many movies in this [....]

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