Every physics student wants to shine in their performance. They want to be incredible and achieve the best grade in the subject. To be one of the best students in physics, there are skills that you need to have. They will help you study the subject and master the concepts at your fingertips. Physics is [....]

Would you like to be an engineer after your university studies? If yes, you need to be in love with physics in school. This is because physics is a crucial part of the engineering profession. It prepares you to be competent in your work. Engineering involves the use of science and math to solve problems. [....]

Most teenagers find themselves diverting their attention to peer pressure in their college days instead of studying. For physics that demands time and commitment, some bury their heads under the books because the subject is complex. As a result, they find themselves not performing well in JC physics. However, as a parent, you have a [....]

Physics indeed carries substantial calculations. It involves several concepts that have formulas that you should master. However, if you are deficient in math, it is possible to study physics and perform your best. You can have an easy time with your physics exam despite your challenging math skills. Do not give up on having a [....]

Do you get tired as you study for your physics exam? Don’t worry because most students experience fatigue after about an hour of reading. They feel exhausted and bury their heads under their books. However, you can re-energize to keep yourself moving with the physics studies. When you re-energize as you study for a physics [....]

Have you enrolled in JC physics tuition classes? If not, you are missing out on great learning moments. Moving from secondary school to junior college is an achievement. It proves you are a bright student who achieved the best grades. It is crucial to join JC physics tuition in Singapore to keep doing well in [....]

“Physics teaches people to accept reality with awe and admiration, not to mention the amazement and joy that comes with it” Lise Meitner, a physicist. Physics is a unique subject that helps you to understand nature. When you fall in love with physics, it becomes easier to read and understand it. Most students fear physics. [....]

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