It is needless to say; a teacher is a role model to many. Teaching enriches students with essential skills they need to become useful to society. Not only that, students are prone to believe their teachers as compared to parents. Thus, it is of utmost importance to have teachers with good qualities for students to [....]

Sec 3 Physics and Maths MYE Revision 2019 Attention PMC S3 PHYSICS & MATHS students! What to expect in the next 4 weeks? You must be aware that the Sec 3 Mid Year Exams is only 4-5 weeks away! So we thought it’s about time we gave you a little sneak peek on what is [....]

Reserve a Seat for the Movie Marathon This annual event is organised to help students get ready for the first JC2 common test (usually after the march holiday). Existing students and non-existing students are welcome to attend. You will be watching a video recording of 2017 Live lesson. This is a special, unique digital experience [....]

Every parent wants the best for their children. Parents are determined to offer all they can to better their children’s life especially when it comes to education. In Singapore, parents spend thousands of dollars on group-based and private tutors or tuition centers to see their children succeed. The after-school sessions allow the student to learn [....]

Physics is one of the major subjects but many students have a negative attitude towards it. They grow cold towards the subject which makes it difficult even to understand the basics. If you want to ace your JC physics- master the foundational concepts. Choosing a JC physics tuition comes in handy. Research shows that the [....]

The truth is, not all students love Math and Physics. For some, the two subjects are a nightmare. Seeking the services of popular Physics tutors in Singapore helps your child boost their grades. It is essential to look for tutoring help because it gives the student guided assistance anytime they need it. Furthermore, getting a [....]

Unlike in junior college, A level Physics calls for a deeper understanding. You should grasp the theoretical, application, calculation and formulas in the subject. Here are tips that will help you pass A level Physics.

Not every student is as excited about physics as Einstein. Like mathematics, many students fear physics and hate learning the subject. It’s highly likely that a student will have an aversion towards physics if he/she hates math. This is understandable as physics can be challenging given the subject is content-heavy, and students find it incredibly [....]

  Do you find it difficult to revise or learn by yourself? Well, if you do, it is time that you get tuition! Everybody needs a mentor to undertake or excel in things, so you probably should. You will learn better and faster when you have someone to guide you along. Learning may be a [....]

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