Most students cannot wait to get to university and drop physics because it gives them a nightmare. It is a subject that entails complex concepts and mathematical problems. As a result, it proves hard to improve your physics grade most of the time. But guess what? You can work on your physics skills, and with [....]

‘Can I study without burning out?’ is a question students ask themselves after spending weeks or months in school reading the same materials or doing a project. This makes some to; Feel exhausted despite having enough sleep Lack the motivation to do their assignments Fail to meet crucial deadlines Loss of confidence in their academic [....]

Have you ever reached the point of telling yourself, ‘I won’t take up any course related to maths when I get to my A-level’?  It is true most students find this subject challenging due to the numerous formulae you need to master. But guess what? You can still excel in maths despite what you have [....]

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in day out”- Robert Collier. As a physics student, success does not come easily, and therefore, there are several habits that you need to nurture. It may take you some time, but once you master them, you will be among the successful physics students. These habits [....]

The world admires and benefits from the role played by great physicists like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Galileo Galilei. These men played a significant role in science that all enjoy today. Your child can raise a physicist too in your home! Physics is a fascinating subject that children can relate to and learn. This [....]

Most students, if not all, get a lot of pressure when exams approach. It is a time that needs adequate preparation to achieve that grade you have always wanted. A detailed physics exam checklist will guide you. The checklist helps you to know how to equip yourself for your upcoming physics exam. It allows you [....]

Mathematics is one of the subjects that most students complain about worldwide. In addition to it being challenging, students who do not love it often struggle with it and face high stress during exams. Unfortunately, this is not a subject that you can run away from if you want to do well in school. Regardless [....]

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