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June Holiday Workshops

Good job students, you’re halfway into the year and still surviving. Give yourselves a pat on the back, and take the mid-year break you all deserve after slogging away for six months straight. Go for a swim, an overseas trip, or just enjoy some time at home to rejuvenate your soul…

On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t.

Here’s why: June Holidays are approaching, and while many of your peers may take this time to fully unwind and toss months worth of work out the window, you have the choice to be different! This period is in fact the prime time to catch up on unfinished work, conquer unfamiliar terrain, and strengthen your understanding on new concepts. Use this time wisely, and you can be sure to gain an edge over your peers once the term break ends.

This is where we come in: to help you with your revision, and to optimise your time. Our intensive June Holiday Workshops are designed to cover all ground – to give you a comprehensive overview of each topic, and to equip you with a toolbox to problem-solve efficiently.  At the end of the workshop, we promise that you’ll have what it takes to breeze through your post-holiday examinations!!! Click here to read what our alumni have to say about our workshops and lessons. 




Alright, enough said. Here’s some important information on the June Holiday Workshop…

J2 Schedule:

June Holiday Workshop J2PH June Holiday Workshop J2MA






J1 Schedule:

June Holiday Workshop J1PH June Holiday Workshop J1MA

Sec 4 Schedule:

June Holiday Workshop S4PH June Holiday Workshop S4MA

Sec 3 Schedule:

June Holiday Workshop S3PH June Holiday Workshop S3MA

Sec 2 and Sec 1 Schedule:

June Holiday Workshop S2MAJune Holiday Workshop S1MA


…and here’s how you can get to our centers.

Our locations:





Here are some more exciting things you can look forward to in June.





For our Sec 4 and JC students, four continuous hours of intensive studying does seem daunting but you don’t have to worry. We care about your health as much as your studies so we have complimentary lunches and/or dinners  for you.  With a tasty meal and engaging lessons, the hours will fly by. In no time at all, you will be ready to ace any exam!

Our JC students also get to bring back home a special booklet. It contains all the important  information on the topics learnt at the workshop. It’ll be every students’ new best friend. Trust us. Armed with its secrets and all the skills you’ll learn at the June Workshops, the exams will be a piece of cake.

Disclaimer: Even though they may sound fun, our June Holiday Workshops are definitely not for the fainthearted. Our classes are crafted for those willing to dedicate time and effort to academic rigour and improvement. If you identify yourself as one who is suitable for this program, click here to register online 🙂

Sec 1 Math Term 2 Newsletter -MYE Math Revision

Its Mid Year Exams season, and I hope everyone is doing fine with their first big exam of Year 1. Maintain the high standards you’ve shown in class and secure top scores!

Closing off the term, as exams pass, we’ll be focusing on new topics like number patterns and geometry. It is a good opportunity to ‘enjoy’ these topics without exams looming, and we can prepare more special quizzes and unique question types.

Full speed ahead

Through June, we can begin to rev our engines and look towards the 2nd half of the year where the real work will kick in. The June programme involves the firming up of critical algebraic fundamentals as well as a headstart in further algebra. Complementing the current practical approach to math, we will be looking at simple graphs and their applications, as well as a full lesson dedicated to application based questions.
Work hard, then play hard, but don’t forget to keep the momentum going!
Written by Sec 1 Math Academic Team

J2 Physics Term 2 Newsletter – MYE Physics Revision

“ARE YOU READY?” June Holiday Intensive Revision

Hi J2s,

You are now in your last lap of the A-level journey. We would have completed the entire syllabus by the end of this term.

In a few more weeks, you will be having your June holidays. This is a critical period for you as it’s the last opportunity for you to re-visit all the topics in all subjects as you prepare for the BIG exam. If you allow these 30 days to go to waste, you will never get another opportunity like this again. I will show you the facts. Most of you are having your common tests in July and after you get back your results, you will be having your Prelim 5 weeks later in Sept. After your Prelim, you will have another 8 weeks to your final A level Exam. This exam is what you have been preparing for in the past 6 years since secondary school.

J2 Physics MYE revision

June Holiday Intensive Revision

During this June holiday, we will be coming back for 7 lessons of 4 hours each (28 hours) to revisit EVERY TOPIC. Each of you will be given a book of secrets. We will write down all the concepts and the different types of questions into this little book of secrets.

Your seniors and I have gone through all these and we know that this June holidays intensive revision is very important. It allows us to achieve a close to 100% A and B in the A-level exam. It is compulsory for all students of The Physics Cafe to attend the lessons.  We shall celebrate after the June holidays by giving ourselves a well-deserved break in after the holiday.

Post – June Holiday

After the June holidays, we will have about 5-6 lessons to go through the techniques in answering qualitative questions. In addition, we have allocated 2 lessons for practice on answering data analysis questions. This is important in securing an A as this is usually the section that helps the markers set the A and B scorers apart from one another. (Click here to see the A scorers from the batch of ’16)


Written by Head of Academic, Mr Dave Sim

J1 Math Term 2 Newsletter – J1 Math MYE Revision

As we move towards the tail end of Term 2, everyone’s focus will naturally be drawn towards the upcoming Mid Year Exams (or Common Tests, BT1, etc….). For many, this will be the first full paper that you are taking, and it also presents an invaluable opportunity to take stock of your progress.

J1 Maths MYE Revision

Current topics

Nonetheless, there are still new topics to pick up, and as of T2W7 we are covering Sequences and Series, which includes the following subtopics:
Arithmetic / Geometric Progressions
Summation Series
Method of Differences
Whether you’re having a head-start or revisiting the topic, we aim to take you through a structured approach to the topics with a wide range of practice questions and concise mindmaps like no other.

Different strokes, different folks

Also, the centre is making special arrangements to cater for students who have a heavier focus on other topics, like vectors. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to prepare schedules that allow for students to cover the important topics for major exams, regardless of their JCs. Check out our schedule for the different classes available.

Signature June Workshop

All this culminates in our intensive June Holiday program, which will provide students with a comprehensive revision scheme including concept revision, grade-A type questions and topical tests. J1 life can be full of events but when it comes down to preparation for the mid years, trust us to take you through it with our time-tested workshop.
See you!
Written by J1 Math Academic Team

J2 Math Term 2 Newsletter – J2 Math MYE Revision

As promised at the start of Term 1, we are progressing well to finish the A-level syllabus by the end of Term 2. Take a deep breath!
By end of Term 2, you would have learnt all the content and be able to finally revise, consolidate, connect the dots and tackle wider varieties of questions.

Looking Forward…

So what lies ahead in June?
The signature JC2 Maths June Holiday Crash Course will be conducted during the June holidays to prepare you well for the June Common Test. It will be so intensive such that you will feel exhausted and hungry during the 4 hours workshop (that’s why lunch and dinner are provided to perk you up!). As Steve Jobs would say,
J2 Maths MYE
There will be greater emphasis on problem solving strategies (this is very important!) and exposure to higher order thinking questions. Each of you will also get a takeaway package for all topics, complete with detailed work solutions.
When you come back after the June Common Test, we will be going through a 2nd round of revision, tackling a few topics each time, trying to solve more interesting questions at a faster pace and more intensive pace. We will also help you form a summary for each topic, because summaries are the most important resource to tap on when you are doing your revision at the last stage.
Written by J2 Math Academic Team

J1 Physics Term 2 Newsletter – J1 Physics MYE Revision

Hello J1s,

I am sure by now, you know the difference between the requirements in secondary school and JC. Everyone around you seems to be very motivated and passionate to learn and excel. They are stressed, but are excited that there are challenges ahead. You probably realise that you may top your tests every year in secondary school previously, but even you will have to work hard to catch up with lectures and tutorials now.

Since the beginning of this year, the accelerated rate of our lessons has ensured that you understand the essentials of each topic even before your schools covered them. We are amazingly fast, completing each topic within 2 lessons. Fast, not because we are running out of time, BUT because we are concise, and we learn to see things in a different way, the way smart students would.

J1 MYE revision

Let’s break it down for you…

  1. The 1st lesson of the topic is a crash course of what you need to know. Unbelievable isn’t it, that we can be so clear and concise – compressing everything that your schools cover in 3-4 lectures into just 1 tuition lesson.
  2. The 2nd lesson is where we look at carefully selected 2016 Prelim questions from the topic to train our problem-solving skills. We show you how smart students approach questions, and we zoom into the methodical thinking behind solving each question.

With just these 2 lessons per topic, you will learn to look at a question and instantaneously understand what concept the examiner is testing, and therefore gain an edge over your peers when solving the question!

You should be breezing through the tutorial questions or lecture tests for the topics that we had covered in class. We will be using the June Holidays to further consolidate all the chapters to get ready for the exam in July

Topics completed so far (End of Term 2)

  1. Measurement and Uncertainty
  2. Kinematics
  3. Forces
  4. Dynamics
  5. Work, Energy, Power
  6. Circular Motion (Week 7,8)
  7. Gravitation (Week 9, 10)

I must remind you that the June holidays is the only period that you can revise every chapter in preparation for your common test in JULY. Your teachers will be giving back your results in August. How much time do you really have before you take your Promotional Examinations in September? 1 month? Less than that actually, considering that you have to set time aside to revise other content subjects, struggle with PW, etc…

Am I trying to give you more stress than you need?

Yes I am, but I am giving it at the right time.

My advice is that you do not waste the June holidays. Trust me. Use that time wisely to reinforce your concepts from every subject, every chapter. You will be doing yourself a favour by doing so.

It’s unfortunate that Promos is in Sept. 2017 is a short year for us. But that also means that we are going to have a long holiday when the Promo ends. 😀


Written by Head of Academic, Mr Dave Sim



Sec 2 Maths Term 2 Newsletter – Sec 2 Maths MYE Revision

Dear Sec 2 Math students and parents,

here is an update on our students’ learning this term.


To prepare students for MYE we have completed:

1) Algebra Revision Booklet

Algebra topics (Expansion and Factorisation, Algebraic Expression, Algebraic Fraction, Solving Equation, Simultaneous Equation, Quadratic Formula, Changing Subject) will be the bulk of the questions tested. These topics have been explained to students in the simplest possible way in the booklet. Here, students have plenty of math help while learning algebra step by step.

2) Mock Exam Papers

After completing Set A , B and 2 mock papers  (each set consists of both paper 1 and 2), students will have a good idea of their math competency. The Sec 1 revision guide booklet is also given to help students brush up on their rusty sec 1 topics (those that are tested).



To study math, we actually need to solve problems and the more you practice, the better you’ll do. But the exam is just round the corner and there is not much time left! What can be done in the last few minutes?

Here are some tips for your exam day.

1. Memorize the steps given in Algebra Booklets well.


2. Sleep early the day before. Good sleep will help you perform better during the exam. Wake up early so that you do not need to rush through breakfast and getting ready.


3. Check that you have everything that you will need, especially your calculator.


4. Have a piece of dark chocolate if you feel nervous before the exam. It will help you to clam down.


5. Read the entire question carefully before starting to answer and quickly plan how much time you should allocate for each question. If you are struck on a question,  move on and come back to it later. If not, you might run out of time to answer the other questions and lose those extra marks.


6. Use every minute of the exam and if you have time left, review your answer with the help of a calculator ( especially important for those of you who always make careless mistakes).



After the MYE is finished, we will be moving on with coordinate geometry and quadratic curves. There will be a one week post-exam break before we start our term 3. We target to finish all the topics by term 3 so that we have ample time to revise for year end exams.

Written by the Sec 2 Maths Academic Team
Vetted by Mr Dave Sim, Head of Academic

Sec 4 Maths Term 2 Newsletter – Sec 4 Maths MYE Revision


Term 2 is probably one of the most chaotic term in schools as teachers are rushing to finish up the syllabus and throw students into their first major exam in Sec 4, leaving them no time for revision.

Luckily for us, we have finished the required syllabus in week 4 and would be spending a good 2 weeks of revision to get students ready for the MYE. But how are we going to do that?


Here’s how.


1.Revision Mock Papers

After completing Set A, B and C (each set consists both papers 1 and 2), students will have had a good brushing up of their rusty Sec 3 chapters.

2. Topical Mind Map

Students will also be receiving our signature colourful, super summarised mind-map of all the chapters. This is extremely handy when students are doing school revision papers.



S4 Maths MYE workshop

Once students have finished their MYE, we will complete the last chapter on Applications of Integration and thereby completing the entire syllabus!!! If you happen to be one of those who will be having his/her Prelims in late May, no worries as we will be completing the syllabus in time for you as well!

There will be a term break for the Sec 4 students  in week 10 before they come back for an intensive topical revision course in June. Details will be given to students in a separate email. We will be consolidating all the summary and mind maps of every single topic into a booklet.


Written by the Sec 4 Maths Academic Team

Sec 4 Physics Term 2 Newsletter – Sec 4 Physics MYE Revision

Salutations Sec 4 Physics students,

how’s revision coming along?

We sincerely trust that most of you are at least halfway done already
Or better yet, done with revision 😀
Well… if you happen to be one of those who has yet to start, you’re in big trouble 🙁
But not all hope is lost. That is if you stick closely with our revision schedule.
Here’s a preview of what you will be doing in the weeks to come:

1) Term 2, Week 8,9,10 –  Last Lap to MYE

a) Electricity MCQ MEGA Revision

b) Electricity Structured Question MEGA Revision

c) Mock MYE Set A, P1 and P2

d) Mock MYE Set B, P1 and P2

e) Mock MYE Set C, P1 and P2

2) June Holidays 2017

Do not be too worried about your sec 3 physics topics. We will be having a Crash Course Revision during the June holiday to revise all Sec 3 topics! Better still, we will offer you lunch and dinner in a 20 mins break.

S4 Physics MYE workshop

Last Minute Rush for Sec 4 Physics MYE?

We are not fans of the art of procrastination. And it’s also not because we love the thrill of leaving things to the last minute. Let’s break it down for you. The MYE is before the holidays and we may not have the time to be 100% ready for the exam. It does not help that the sec 3 topics will be tested as well.

Having said that, there’s no excuse for not scoring well for the sec 4 chapters  (Static Electricity, Current of Electricity, Direct Current, Practical Electricity and Magnetism). Lets just hope that the divine powers will grant you your prayers and that your schools will set more questions on the sec 4 topics! In view of that, we will be investing 2 precious lessons on these chapters looking at both the popular MCQ and challenging long structured questions.

We’ll also give you the practice you need, by giving you 3 FULL MOCK PAPERS with questions which integrate topics that you have learnt since Sec 3 (MUAHAHAHA!!!) Sounds intimidating? Well you should be. But rest assured, as we will be conquering these together. Going through these mock papers require time, but the time will be well spent. At least after this, we can accurately pinpoint which concepts you are lacking in, and this will help us guide you better in the future 😀

Some Final Words of Wisdom…

Do not look back at sec 3 topics. Do the best you can. Invest the time by doing questions instead of looking at the notes from sec 3. During the June holiday (coming soon), we will organize a Sec 3 MEGA revision camp! We’re sure this will serve as a timely refresher course for you (on top of lunch and dinner :P) Do check our schedule regularly for latest updates or changes to classes
Written by the Sec 4 Physics Academic Team
Vetted by Mr Dave Sim, Head of Academic

SEC 3 PHYSICS TERM 2 NEWSLETTER -MYE Physics Revision Workshop

If you’ve been following us, we organised a revision workshop for our Sec 3 Physics students since 2 weeks ago. So we thought it’s about time we gave you a little sneak peek on what goes on in class…

Lesson Materials

And in case you were wondering, here’s an overview of essential lesson materials that our students are entitled to each lesson:
1)  an A5 compilation of 2016 prelim questions with worked solutions
2) an A4 booklet containing:
a) MCQ questions as part of a in-class timed practice
b) Structured questions
c) Bonus questions [we highly recommend that you try them! You can check your answers with the worked solutions afterwards :D]
Also, we will be giving our students a test at the end of the revision workshop so that we can test their understanding and concepts, so… please be fully prepared for that.
Don’t say we didn’t warn you 😛

Tutor Comments:

Finally, everyone seems to be finally aware that the mid year exam is near. (If you aren’t, that’s worrying isn’t it?) School life isn’t all fun and games -a bit of stress now is definitely good to pace the student in the sec 3 academic year. Many will soon realise that while they can easily score well in small tests especially after covering a particular topic, it’s not easy to score well in big exams that integrate more than one topic. The question banks in the booklets aim to prepare students for their exams, and we believe that solving questions is as important, if not more than merely going through notes. The mock paper before the actual exam is important and is usually provides good feedback on whether the student has invested enough time in the MYE preparation. As always, the results you get in the exams should not be a surprise to you. It’s usually an accurate measure of what you understand and what you remember at that point of time.
With that, we wish you all the best in your preparation and examinations!
Written by Sec 3 Physics Academic Team
Vetted by Mr Dave Sim, Head of Academic.