Unlike in junior college, A level Physics calls for a deeper understanding. You should grasp the theoretical, application, calculation and formulas in the subject. Here are tips that will help you pass A level Physics.

  WELCOME JC Students!       It’s no mean feat for a tuition centre to consistently distinguish itself in the competitive Singapore education scene, but THE PHYSICS & MATHS CAFE has done just that for the past ten years and counting. We’ve been producing top quality grades at the annual GCE ‘A’ Level examinations, [....]

Reserve a Seat for the Movie Marathon www.pmc.sg/movie This annual event is organised to help students get ready for the first JC2 common test (usually after the march holiday). Existing students and non-existing students are welcome to attend. You will be watching a video recording of 2017 Live lesson. This is a special, unique digital experience [....]

Its Mid Year Exams season, and I hope everyone is doing fine with their first big exam of Year 1. Maintain the high standards you’ve shown in class and secure top scores! Closing off the term, as exams pass, we’ll be focusing on new topics like number patterns and geometry. It is a good opportunity [....]

“ARE YOU READY?” June Holiday Intensive Revision Hi J2s, You are now in your last lap of the A-level journey. We would have completed the entire syllabus by the end of this term. In a few more weeks, you will be having your June holidays. This is a critical period for you as it’s the [....]

As we move towards the tail end of Term 2, everyone’s focus will naturally be drawn towards the upcoming Mid Year Exams (or Common Tests, BT1, etc….). For many, this will be the first full paper that you are taking, and it also presents an invaluable opportunity to take stock of your progress. Current topics [....]

As promised at the start of Term 1, we are progressing well to finish the A-level syllabus by the end of Term 2. Take a deep breath! By end of Term 2, you would have learnt all the content and be able to finally revise, consolidate, connect the dots and tackle wider varieties of questions. Looking [....]

Hello J1s, I am sure by now, you know the difference between the requirements in secondary school and JC. Everyone around you seems to be very motivated and passionate to learn and excel. They are stressed, but are excited that there are challenges ahead. You probably realise that you may top your tests every year in secondary [....]

Dear Sec 2 Math students and parents, here is an update on our students’ learning this term. MYE REVISION: To prepare students for MYE we have completed: 1) Algebra Revision Booklet Algebra topics (Expansion and Factorisation, Algebraic Expression, Algebraic Fraction, Solving Equation, Simultaneous Equation, Quadratic Formula, Changing Subject) will be the bulk of the questions [....]

MYE PREPARATION Term 2 is probably one of the most chaotic term in schools as teachers are rushing to finish up the syllabus and throw students into their first major exam in Sec 4, leaving them no time for revision. Luckily for us, we have finished the required syllabus in week 4 and would be [....]

Salutations Sec 4 Physics students, how’s revision coming along? We sincerely trust that most of you are at least halfway done already Or better yet, done with revision 😀 Well… if you happen to be one of those who has yet to start, you’re in big trouble 🙁 But not all hope is lost. That is [....]

If you’ve been following us, we organised a revision workshop for our Sec 3 Physics students since 2 weeks ago. So we thought it’s about time we gave you a little sneak peek on what goes on in class… Lesson Materials And in case you were wondering, here’s an overview of essential lesson materials that [....]

Dear Sec 3 Maths students and parents, this is an overview of our Sec 3 Maths Revision MYE Workshop which starts in Term 2 Week 2. Let take a little sneak peek on what goes on in class… Sec 3 Maths Lesson Materials 1) challenging questions booklet + comprehensive mind map 2) 4-question MCQ buddy quiz (no calculators [....]

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