We would like to congratulate the students below for achieving the "A" in the Physics and Maths A level examination.

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for the A!
ACJC Cleona Zhu Yin Xuan Chen Yi Jun A
ACJC Jared Koh Esther Gay A
ACJC Eden Ong Nathan Yeo A
ACJC Kevin Ho Brena Tan A
ACJC Eric Lim Wei Lie Uditi Bareja A
ACJC Joanna Tan Xin Vivian Tan A
ACJC Tay Qing Yuan Anchelski Teo Cher Yong A
ACJC Ng Wan Mai Joelle Ho A
ACJC Rachel Ann Mathews Cheryl Goh A
ACJC Marcus Koh Janice Ng A
ACJC Aspen Choo Jonathan Foo Ming En A
ACJC Alyssa Yap Janice Ng A
ACJC Marcus Koh Jia Xun Carissa Ling A
AJC Wan Feng Wei Akshatha Dinesh Khokal A
AJC Lau Shu Qing *Teo Wei Lie A
AJC Neil George Dominic Cheong Jia Chin A
AJC Gurnihal Singh (Gary) Faraday Lee A
ACJC Boon Siew Kei Cheong Chi Yan A
AJC Vernon Chee Wang Fang Yuan A
AJC Joshua Tan Teik Ann Ang De Kai A
AJC Marcus Tan Zhong Hong Oh Jun Ming A
AJC Joshua Goh Low Hon Zheng A
AJC Ho Jun Xian Vijay Vengkat SC A
AJC Ang De Kai Bill Wong A
CJC Ann Stephni Lawrence Pak Jun Wei A
CJC Brian Wong Bryan Yap A
CJC Andrew Tan Kenneth Ng A
CJC Tan Pheng Wu Irvin Ho A
CJC Stephen Chew Ngieng Kian Yew A
CJC Sim May Inn Low Shiuan Yen A
CJC Jarrett Soo Janelle Foo A
CJC Jason Wong King Leong Jian Cheng A
CJC Shaun khoo Louise Leung Chung Yan A
CJC Rashaad Khan Joshua Dsa A
CJC Foo Jun Hao Masateru Nakanishi A
DHS Caryn Heng Zhi Xuan Kenny Lou Che Wei A
DHS Sandy Lim Kai Min A
DHS Sherman Lim Tyan Min A
HCI Yong Tze Jie Winston Tan A
HCI Tanya Chee June Tan Hwee Shan A
HCI Pius Peh Jia Yin Gu Yuling A
HCI Ma Shenglin Zeng Fang Ni A
HCI Ashley Teoh Svena Yu Rui Xin A
HCI Zia Teh Wen Lin Lim Jaime A
HCI Jeremy Tan Yen Chin Zamen Lin A
HCI Tann Wei Bryan Wong A
HCI Spencer Teo Charles Lim Wei Jie A
HCI Aaron Tang Audrey Aw Si Hui A
HCI Tricia Teo Cheng Xin Ying A
JJC Ow Yong Hei Ee Koh Wen Hao A
JJC Cheng Xin Ying A
MJC Poon Sin Ta Kenneth Low Zhi Yong A
MJC Brendan Chen Reiko Tan A
MJC Lim Zhe Kang Shawn Tan Zheng Chong A
NJC Kek Tzee Yee *Suu Mon Myint A
NJC Heidi Mo JingHui Yong Zi Fong A
NJC Kelly Chong Tay Kang Ming A
NJC Leong Yi Tung Kara Quek A
NJC Clarice Huang Kai Li Siva A
NJC Elvis Lai Kuan Dean He LuYu A
NJC Cheryl Ann Tan Ying Ling Jashini Hubert A
NJC Joshua Ow A
NYJC Shanna Foo Miao Ling Han Lin Aung A
NYJC Amanda Lee Yi Ying Calvin Chng Zuo En A
NYJC Sara Ng Wei Chia Jie Xiang A
NYJC Sonia Sunil Brandon Chen Yun Xin A
NYJC Park Si Yun A
PJC Yang Zhao Ye Ng Kang Wei A
PJC Joseph Lum Yi Yang Charles Quek Koh Wee A
PJC V Bhargav A
RI Wang You Lim Shi Ping A
RI Victoria Tan Jing Hong Eden Teoh A
RI Michelle Loke Hsin Teng Shikhar Gupta A
RI Gautam Manek Nicole Foo A
RI Lee Chan Wai *Kelsey Goh A
RI *Gan Hui Qi Choy Onn Mun A
RI Thet Thiri Ko Fiona Ong Jia Ling A
RI Sun Chuan Yao Watt Sook May A
RI Estee Ng Ying Jie Yap Qi Jing A
RI Aaron Gan June Ngian A
RI Tsai Ren Jie Amanda Chung A
RI Gong Ying Nicholas Koh Hong Soo A
RI Sean Ng Kuan Jie Wan Yuquan A
RI Ramana B Thirumagal A
RI Denise Fu Nicholas Chia A
RI Zheng Fan Nicolette Tan Rou Qi A
RI Colin Ong Rachel Wong A
RI Teo Kay Lynn Sherilyn Lee A
RI Brandon Chua Kate Awe Wan Li A
RI Michelle Tan Reetaza A
RI Chu Shao Min Isabel Chew A
RI Cassandra Low Tracy Gani A
RI Jin Wen Rui Lim Jun Heng A
RI Dyon Quek Tania forichon A
RI Matthias Tan Yi Ray Selvakumar Asvin A
RI Aaron Chee Yong Qin Clarisse Gan A
RI Agnes Tan Jian Min Song Li Zhi A
RI Li Xiaorong Chung Shiqi A
RI Ng Yee Yan Seah Jun Wei A
RI Manu Neethi Cholan Kapil Lee Rui En A
RI Lim Jie En Calista Ng Yunyi A
RI Jang Yu Joon Mukund Bala A
RI Yong Kang Yee V.Meghana A
RI Jareth Ng Jun Jie Aaron Chee Yong Qin A
RI Keith Goh Ryan Foo A
RI V.Meghana A
RVHS Hee Yu Ning Hew Yan Chong A
RVHS Reon Toh Lim Li Luan A
RVHS Dickson Ong Tan Yihua A
RVHS Terence Lim Carissa Choo Xing Yi A
SAJC Gerald Ang Charissa Chan A
SAJC Jeanette Leong Koh Jia Yi A
SRJC *Brian Pek Chin Siong Choong Wei Tzen A
SRJC Marcus Yeo Chong Ern Tan Boon Ping A
SRJC Tang Kah Yi Goh Yi Fang A
SRJC Gary Teo Zong Hao Colin Foong A
SRJC Austria Pek Yong Chuan Ryan Lai Teck Xuan A
TJC Marissa Ang Derek Soon Wei Yang A
TJC Mavis Kang Pei Lin Pearl Ng A
TJC Marvin Chang Tan Hong Yi A
TJC Annette de Silva A
TPJC Sean Lee Zhi Jie A
VJC Aloysius Loh Ji Yong Daniel Tang Ju Qian A
VJC Janessa Soh Jia Yi Lim Sze Leng A
VJC Madeleine Poh Raphael Chew A
VJC Tan Yean Keat Andris Lee Jia Qi A
VJC Zealicia Heng Cassandra Quek A
VJC Ryan Chee Jun Ying Okka Than Lwin A
VJC Shermen Ang Min Rui Laura Lee Min Li A
VJC Tay Xin Ci Vanessa Lee A
VJC Okka Than Lwin A
YJC Seah Ming Xun A

***The statistical studies include tuition students who join The Physics Cafe Tuition Programme for at least 6 months before the A Level Exam and students who have not missed any school holiday lessons.

Can you comment on the 2016 A-level Physics Paper?

There are very good questions to differentiate the A and B students in 2016. Students who are used to solving and answering qualitative and open-ended questions will have opportunity to differentiate themselves from the rest.

How did the students from the various JC in Singapore fare for the paper?

The national %A continue to be 40%. The %A from the top IP school (RI, HCI ,RVHS, VJC, NJC, TJC, DHS) is 40-70% while the %A for most of the remaining JC range widely from 5% to 30% to give you a steady average 40% nationwide. Overall %pass increases.

How did the students from The Physics Cafe fare for the paper?

based on students who join us for more thatn 8 months before the national examinations, close to 8 out of 10 students scored A for the paper. This is an exceptional result from the class of 2016. We have almost double the national average of 40 %A! In addition, we are happy to announce that close to 10 out of 10 students in The Physics Cafe scored A or B, a grade which will play a significant role in helping them choose the course and university they want. Given that only 50% of our cohort are from IP schools, we are very happy with the performance.

Do you only take in students who are smart or from top schools?

Honestly, we have been taking in students from all schools without an entry test. We teach the students how to be smart, how to think smart, how to show the examiner that they are smart. The Physics Cafe is a one stop station. We have spent more than 10 years in the system as a student studying and scoring in exam and then 10 years as a lecturer, teaching, setting exam questions to differentiate and rank the students. We have experience all these and learnt how to play the game well. You can leave it to us to prepare you for the paper. You will just have to enjoy the process.

What is the secret to the good results?

The first secret is confidential. But I can share with you the second secret. We are fortunate to be taking in motivated students from all schools (IP and non-IP). Any new students in the center will be able to feel the 'motivation' and the 'smartness' of the students in TPC.

Pardon me for being skeptical, can you show us the evidence for the good results?

I have come up with a way to show the %A from the Physics Cafe (see below). However I hope all understand that I put this up because this report will be meaningless without the evidence. This does not imply that the students who scored a B are not good. An easy paper makes the fine line between A and B even finer, the element of luck and SPA become even more important. We should still celebrate the results of all students who have tried their best.

What target is The Physics Cafe setting for the tuition students in the 2017 GCE A-Level Examination?

There are 2 components in our target.
To help at least 9 out of 10 tuition students score an A or B.
To help at least 8 out of 10 tuition students score an A.

We are confident to achieve the first component, while working hard to improve and maintain the second component. We teach by letting the students see and feel the logic behind the physics concepts in our Physics Classes. We train by adopting the Logical Problem Solving (LPS), so that nothing can go ‘too wrong’ in the exam. Achieving A or B is not a problem. To score an A in H2 Physics, it depends on what happen on the actual day and how the student is responding to ‘unexpected’ questions at that time. We are finalising on the ‘Physics Secrets Enclosed' which will be released to the students before the school preliminary exam in September.

How did the students fare in the secondary O-level Physics and Maths paper?

The Secondary wing has its fair share of honour, with more than 90% distinction in the Physics and Maths O-Level exam. Most of the students proceed to the top JCs with nearly straight As on their report card. And yes, most of them are now in our JC1 Physics and Maths classes. The list of the secondary students are not published as it is too long.

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