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Maths is like untangling a knotted thread.

It makes you squint your eyes and wonder how long it’s going to take for you to crack the code. The second you realise your mathematical efforts have fizzled out, you slap your palm against your forehead and groan in despair.

But here’s where it gets encouraging – the fierce frustration you’re facing right now? It’s only temporary.

The Maths Café’s students were in the same plight as you not long ago. They were losing direction and didn’t know if they have it in them to ace their maths exams.

But they kept at it until their mission was done.

And it paid off.

With their gruelling work and the tuition centre’s guidance, many of them went on to earn distinction rates higher than the national average. The Maths Café has a healthy mix of students from elite and neighbourhood schools, so this is a feat the centre’s incredibly proud of.

At this point, you’re probably wondering, "What can I do to get an A?"

Stick around and you’ll see how.

Hand-picked for You

At The Maths Café, it goes beyond handing out random questions and instructing you to solve them. When you get the chance, come on down to the tuition centre and see it for yourself – you’ll never spot anyone frittering away their time solving repetitive equations.

That’s not the way The Maths Café roll.

Au contraire, you’ll dive deep into the top trending questions often set in your school tests and exams. Categorised by the degree of difficulty, these questions are designed to expand your mind and raise your confidence. Think of them as a vitamin pill. It nourishes your self-assurance and cultivates your growth mindset in a math-learning environment.

You work your way up.

A sneak peek at the Unorthodox Teaching Style

Intuition plays a vital role becoming a math-whizz. Each equation is a portal to unlocking your awareness.

Mistakes are the foundations of experience. Over time, you’ll learn to fine-tune your system and flip over these mistakes into learning opportunities. You’ll arm yourself with the imperative skills to perform at a higher level.

Teachers + Student Councillors

At The Maths Café, teachers and student councillors work together as a team.

The student councillors are high-achievers in school and in touch with the latest developments in Singapore A Level, O Level maths curriculum. They gather frequently asked questions from school examination papers and collate them in the tuition centre’s syllabus.

This way, you’ll always be ready for the big test. You’ll know what to expect. The high anxiety and doubts you have during your exam?

They’ll turn into a mere whisper and silence in the long run.

Six years of teaching at RJC has helped The Maths Café founder build a strong network of highly sought-after teachers from top schools in Singapore. Dave and his team of teachers have a knack for creating engaging and efficient lessons. Only through an immersive learning environment will you learn more effectively.

At The Maths Café, you don’t just get a teacher – you get an ally.


Here’s The Maths Café’s proven track record:

  • Close to 10 out of 10 scored A or B in H2 Maths.
  • Close to 8 out of 10 scored A in H2 Maths.
  • Close to 10 out of 10 scored A or B in O-Levels A Maths.
  • Close to 8 out of 10 scored A1/A2 in O-Level A Maths.

Every student, regardless of their grades, whether they are struggling in JC maths, secondary school A maths, deserves an equal opportunity to thrive in school. For this reason, there’s no entry test. The Maths Café welcomes everybody on board.


Currently, The Maths Café offers:

  • Integrated Maths (both A and E inclusive) at the secondary level (O-level and IP), and
  • H2 Maths (9758) at the JC level.

All it takes is the First Step

Maths is often touted as the easiest subject in school. However, given the strong competition (i.e. top IP schools make up 60%-80% in the national average), it can be difficult to win an A.

It’s hard to digest this piece of information, but here’s the promising prospect: you can be part of these high-ranking students. And you will.

The road to success in maths is an exhilarating journey. If you’re willing to work hard for it, you’ve already won half the battle. It also boils down to tapping into your unlimited potential. The Maths Café is built for this specific purpose – to help you unlock it and set it free.

"'I'll teach you to think inside the box, not outside of it," says Dave with determination.

"We’ll help you get your As."

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