a a Thermal physics provided the transition from macroscopic physics to microscopic physics, and electricity is all about electrons, so why are we backtracking now to talk about bouncing springs and wiggling strings?   It’s because waves are going to be essential, ultimately, to our understanding of the inner workings of the atom. Bohr’s earliest [....]

a I love physics, but I used to think this one topic, thermal physics, was boring.  I had to teach it twice before I understood it well enough to see how interesting it really is! a What makes thermal physics interesting is that it provides a link between the macroscopic world of Newton’s laws and [....]

a There are only four fundamental forces in physics, and in high school physics we will learn about three of them.  These forces are called “fundamental” because we don’t have a deeper explanation for why they exist.  The four are Gravitational Force Electric Force Strong nuclear force Weak nuclear force (we won’t learn about this [....]

4 Ways Tuition Is Done Differently at The Physics Cafe a a For secondary school and JC students, mugging the examination syllabus can sometimes feel like an uphill battle; it may be tough, but it’s definitely not impossible. Subjects like Physics and Mathematics tend to get super convoluted and classroom lessons can only do so much to [....]

a A force is just a push or a pull There are lots of ways to push or pull: Gravity pulls objects down toward the ground.  We call that force the weight of the object.   A string or rope can pull on an object.   Springs can do that, too.  That’s tension.   One [....]

a Free-fall:  a special case of uniformly accelerated motion a When you drop a hammer, it falls to the ground.  While it is falling, the only force acting on it is gravity. (There’s also a little bit of air resistance, but for a hammer moving at relatively low speeds, we can ignore that).  We call [....]

Yes we know. Fascinating and intriguing may not be the first descriptors that come to mind at the very mention of this topic. In fact, and also very unfortunately, it has been a sufferer of chronic neglect by generations and generations of students (and even teachers) 🙁 Mundane as it may seem, we cannot discredit this topic [....]

Defining Velocity Velocity is the rate of change of position. If you go in a straight line from A to B, your velocity is just the distance between A and B divided by the time it took to go from A to B. e.g. If the straight-line distance is 100 m, and it takes 20 [....]

Congratulations!!! Our graduated batch of 2016 has done very well, bringing back stellar results, with: Close to 10 out of 10 scored A or B in H2 Maths. Close to 8 out of 10 scored A in H2 Maths. Click here for the full listing of students with the results. . H2 & JCMaths Tuition You’re [....]

For students taking their O levels and major examination this year, you want to ensure that you can get all the marks in the bag. Maths and Physics are arguably the subjects that students can aim to score exceptionally well in. And if that’s what you’re aiming to do, you can count on us to [....]

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