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  • Where are your locations (Beauty World MRT, Novena MRT and Paya Lebar MRT)?

    The Physics Cafe Central - Goldhill Centre-(Novena MRT)

    3 minutes sheltered walk from Novena MRT
    187B Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre Singapore 307630
    The Physics Cafe (Novena) is located next to the exit of the underpass from Novena MRT, above Mary Chia Salon and Supercut Salon.

    Step 1: Take the Novena MRT Exit to United Square (Exit B).
    Step 2: Exit underpass and make an immediate U-turn and walk past the GoldHill Centre brick wall on your left.
    Step 3: Walk to the back of the building to go to the staircase. You will be walking pass SuperCut Salon.
    Step 4: You will see “The Physics Café” directory on 2nd staircase on your left side. Walk up staircase to third level.

    The Physics Cafe East Flagship - Singpost Centre (Paya Lebar MRT)

    1 minute sheltered walk from Paya Lebar MRT
    10 Eunos Road 8, Singapore Post Centre #01-207 Singapore 408600
    The Physics Cafe (Paya Lebar) is located in the retail mall level 1 of Singapore Post Centre.

    Step 1: Walk towards Enrichment Zone at Level 1.
    Step 2: We are near FunToast, and we are right at the entrance of the Enrichment Zone.

    The Physics Cafe West - Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (Beauty World MRT)

    1 minute walk from Beauty World MRT
    170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #18-01 Singapore 588179

    Step 1: Take exit A of Beauty World MRT station.
    Step 2: Walk past Beauty World Centre and UOB Centre. You will see The Physics Cafe huge signboard at the side door of Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. Take the entrance beside OCBC Bank.
    Step 3: You will see a wooden door that leads to lift lobby. Find us at #18-01.

    Marymount MRT (HQ)

    1 minute walk from Marymount MRT
    37 Jln Pemimpin, Singapore 577177
    The Physics Cafe (HQ) at Marymount is not open to the public.

    Clementi MRT (Private)

    1 minute sheltered walk from Clementi MRT
    325 Clementi Ave 5, Singapore 120325
    The Physics Cafe (Private) is only open for customised private group tuition.

  • How can I contact the admission team and the student coordinators?

    Contact Us

    We apologise we do not offer walk in or call in sale enquiries as most of our students enrolled through friend's and relative's recommendation. The recommended way to talk to the admission team is through the live chat. (3pm - 10pm on weekdays and 9am-6pm on weekends.) You may enquire further via SMS or Email us at You will be expecting a reply from our team within a few hours.

    We have also collated all the questions that you may have in our popular FAQ (scroll down) that answers almost every question that's in your mind. The Physics and Maths Cafe is a premium tuition and education centre in Singapore with top quality tutors. You can verify the quality of our teaching through Past Exam Performance and What Our Students Say.

  • How do I register for the classes?

    Online Reservation

    Interested to join us? You may make a reservation here.

  • How much is the school fees?

    The school fees for JC and IP physics tuition will depend on the date of the first lesson. Any adjustments will not affect the students who are already attending lessons in the center. We will help all students to achieve the results that they deserve regardless of the point of entry. We have achieved more than 90% A and B for A-level Physics, 100% Grade 7 for IB Physics, and more than 90% A for both secondary Physics and Maths, which is double that of the national average. We are confident of maintaining this standard regardless of the student's existing standard, but we need to be given sufficient time. The earlier you join, the easier it is for us to help you. Hence we hope to encourage you by offering you a lower rate if you join early.

    Level First lesson before/on 28 Jan 2018 First lesson after 28 Jan 2018
    2018 JC2 $64 per hr $81 per hr
    2018 JC1 $53 per hr $59 per hr
    2018 Sec 4 $48 per hr $56 per hr
    2018 Sec 3 $41 per hr $48 per hr
    2018 Sec 2 $37 per hr $43 per hr
    2018 Sec 1 $37 per hr $43 per hr
    1. The fee quoted above is inclusive of all taxes and charges except for material fee. You will be paying the school fees on a termly basis (approx. 10 lessons).
    2. Your school fee will be based on the date of your first lesson and not the date of online registration.
    3. The Cafe takes in only 1000 Physics and Maths students each year. There will be an adjustment of up to 60% every quarter of the year, depending on the number of vacancies remaining in each level. The quarterly fee adjustment is applicable to new registrations and will not affect the existing students.
    4. The fee payable is based on scheduled lessons and not on attendance as this is a group tuition where the tuition fee is shared by your classmates in the school.
    5. All registrations must be strictly done online through the online reservation on a first come first served basis.

  • How much is the deposit and registration fee?

    You will be surprised that we do not collect a deposit. The student may withdraw at the end of each term if he feels that the lessons are not suitable for him/her. However, there will be a $100 non-refundable registration fee per subject per level. This will be applicable for students attending workshops too. This is the administrative charge and not for us to profit from it.

  • Can I arrange with a meetup with the Head of Academic?

    Arrange a Meetup

    Parents of existing and non-existent IP and JC tuition students may arrange to meet Head of Academic, Mr Dave Sim in person at The Physics Cafe Flagship (Paya Lebar). The student and parent should prepare all enquiries before the meeting. The meeting will be up to maximum of 20 minutes long and will be free of charge. Please SMS name, school of student and preferred timeslot. (A) Thurs 5,30pm, (B) Thurs 6pm, (C) Fri 5.30pm, (D) Fri 6pm, (E) Sat 3.30pm, (F) Sun 3.30pm

  • Is tuition necessary?

    No, it is not necessary. However, it will be very fortunate to be able to choose your own tutor. We have to accept that the trend today is very different. Students who go for physics IP or JC tuition are not weak academically or 'kiasu' in nature. Most students in Singapore attend physics tuition classes not only to pass IP and JC exams, but to stretch time as learning will be more effective if someone is there to guide them, what questions to do to test their concepts, what common mistakes they will make. While we do not think physics tuition is necessary, not having tuition is not something to boast about, we must accept that every individual has their own priorities in life and different learning paces, and tuition is merely a tool to achieve those.

  • Is tuition a waste of time?

    No, it is not a waste of time. On the contrary, if you have the right tutor, tuition helps to stretch time. I was not fortunate enough to have physics tuition when I was in school. I worked very hard on my own, wrote my own notes, spent hours solving just one challenging question. Regardless, I still managed a distinction. Tuition is not necessary. But with tuition, it would have been less time consuming and stressful for me. What took me 6 hours to learn on my own could have been completed in an hour under the guidance of a good tutor. Now I am happy to help many of my students save time so that they can leave more time for other commitments.

  • Why are the students attending tuition even if they are doing well academically?

    The current trend may differ from that in the past when most students who attend tuition are struggling in the subject. These days, Singapore students who may not be academically weak attend IP and JC tuition classes not solely to pass examinations, but to save time as learning can be more effective under the guidance of a good tutor. Students attending IP and JC tuition lessons in today's context have a certain attitude in life that brings them to where they are today. They constantly seek to better themselves and this is the attitude that motivates them to attend tuition classes. Tuition will not replace school lesson, but ensures every minute spent on learning is efficient and targeted compared to self-study. Without physics tuition for IP and JC, they may achieve an A too on their own, but perhaps with more effort and time.”

  • How big is the class size?

    When our class size reaches a critical size, we will open new classes to reduce the average class size. As we allow our student to make ad-hoc changes every week, we will not be able to commit to a class size. Generally, the weekend classes are bigger than the weekday classes.
    If you are very concerned about having a small class size, my personal advice is to look for a private tutor who can come to your house. You should not be looking for a IP or JC tuition centre with a small class size. We know there are reasons why some class sizes are small and some are big. Majority of the classes in tuition centres are small by default, unless the tutor is exceptional and the tuition centre is established. We can assure that the quality of each lesson is not going to be determined by where the students are from, the number of students or what questions the students will ask. Our tutors know what are questions the students will ask and also what they should ask but did not.

  • Is The Physics Cafe the biggest Physics tuition centre in Singapore?

    Our physics tuition classes are sold out every year! Last year, we had a record breaking of 1000 secondary and JC students attending our Physics and Maths classes. So many that we have to expand and leave our premises in Bishan and Marymount. The center is now as big as half a football field which houses our own lecture theaters, in-house cafe, exclusive study rooms and digital library. And most importantly, we have the best teachers in Singapore!

  • Who is the founder principal tutor?

    Our Principal tutor is the popular physics super tutor in Singapore, Mr. Dave Sim, who had taught in RI(JC) for 6 years. We started specializing in JC Physics with about 200 Physics students, mostly from Raffles Junior College, Hwa Chong Junior College and Anglo-Chinese Junior College. 3 years later in 2013, we decided to offer both Physics and Maths tuition for both the JC and secondary students. Even though we have a small team of popular Maths and Physics tutors from well-known schools, we resisted opening classes earlier. The team invested one entire year preparing lesson materials and delivery before we were confident that we were ready.

  • What is your motivation behind setting up The Physics Café?

    My main objective of setting up the Physics Cafe is to share a strategy which I had developed from my experience both as a student and as an educator. I will reveal the secret on how to solve questions the way they are set. In addition, I will also share my strategy in adopting a logical approach to solving Physics questions. I will consider myself successful if all my students score an A or a B in the final examination. I am confident that this is attainable if each and every one of them believes in the harmonious relationship between tuition/school tutorials and independent learning. The rule of thumb is:
    "For every 1 hour lesson he attends, he should spend 1-hour at home for self-study." I believe that this is reasonable since the teachers spend at least 6 hours to prepare for an hour of lecture.

  • You previously worked as a lecturer at RJC (now RI) before founding The Physics Cafe. How did the switch make you feel?

    I am the director and the head of academic. This switch means I can control exactly what you learn and how you learn. I can test you the way I want to test you. I can then let the results speak for itself. It does not matter who you are or where you are from. I know that if I cannot help you, no one can. But of course, it’s up to you to prove me wrong. Try to get a “C” or a “D” for your final paper!

  • On average, how well did the students fare for A level every year?

    Read our A level exam results and national average report (with evidence here)! Close to 8 out of 10 students scored A for the A level Physics and Maths paper each year, doubling the steady national average of 40 percent. This is even higher than the percentage A's of the top IP schools in Singapore! 9 out of 10 students scored a distinction in the Physics and Maths O-level exam.

  • How different are the tutors from the school and other tuition centres?

    This will be difficult to answer, unless I can give a quantitative grade to the tutors, just like how we grade students in an exam. Let me give you another perspective. We pay our tutors very well, at least 3-4 times higher than any other tuition centre. Of course, the expectations of them are high. I told them that they must give $2 worth of excitement and knowledge every minute in their lesson. With such a high pay, I should be able to find good IP and JC tutors easily right? No. For the record, I have to interview 30 to 40 school teachers before hiring just 1 tutor.

  • You mentioned that nothing is more important than the quality of teaching. How do you ensure quality?

    Although I cannot reveal what happens in the class, I can tell you that I put aside time to watch the videos of all secondary and IP and JC Physics and Maths classes every week. Existing students will realize that there are video cameras at the front and back of the classroom, capturing both the tutors and the students. I look at how the teachers teach, and how the students react. I have a stopwatch beside me to keep watch of every minute to ensure that the pace of lessonsa are appropriate. My priority is for my tutors to present knowledge in the most interesting way in the shortest time possible. Our tutors have been trained to deliver lessons efficiently as aforementioned. I will even go to the extent of zooming into details such as the tone and the expression of the tutors during the presentation, so that the lessons will be more memorable. It is my job to ensure that the tutors will 'WOW' you every single lesson. -Mr Dave Sim

  • How are the lessons different from other tuition centre or MOE schools?

    Many students complained that their teachers were lousy and that the lecture notes lacked details. Ironically, there were also others that complained about the notes being too comprehensive. There were many complaints about the exam papers being too difficult and others about it being too easy. Some students felt like they tried too hard to solve a simple question.

    Regarding teachers, it is true that some are better than others. Regarding the notes, different students have different preferences as to what kind of notes they hope to receive. The solution to this is to customize and write your own notes.

    There are two parts to my lesson – concepts explanation and problem-solving. I prefer to first go through the physics concepts and give numerical examples to support the concepts in a way that illustrates how to solve the problem. I will then further support the concepts with live demonstrations, because seeing is believing. I try to inspire you and at times I try to make you wonder and think. And I want to keep it this way.

    The second part of my lesson is problem-solving. I think that concepts explanation and problem-solving are complementary. The difference between the two is that I will take 80% of the responsibility to ensure that you understand the concepts, but you must take 80% of the responsibility to master problem-solving. How do you do it? You must digest the extra questions that I will be giving you. It's very important that you make homework part of your culture, that you study the solutions. Believe me, they are truly excellent solutions, not cookie-cut and dry. If you digest those solutions, then the concepts will sink in.

  • How do I know PMC is the right one? I understand I cannot go around trying different tuition centres?

    The Physics and Maths Cafe is a one stop station. Our tutors have spent more than 10 years as students studying and scoring in exams, another 10 as lecturers teaching and setting questions to differentiate the students. Having gone through the rigour of education in Singapore, we have learned how to play the game well. You can leave it to us to prepare you for the paper. You will just have to enjoy the process.

    What happens in the classroom is confidential and therefore we cannot reveal much. We will teach the students how to be smart, how to think smart, how to show the examiner that they are smart. We make everything look simple in class, so students will have the confidence to answer questions even if they may seem tedious at first. Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple.

    There are two other ways to find out more.

    First, read the students’ testimonials and you may be able to learn more. The testimonials in the website are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students.

    Secondly, our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore. We occupy the entire level of a premium building which is bigger than half a football field. Our tuition center even has our own library, cafe, and shuttle bus.

  • Are your notes very popular with the students? How are these different from the school?

    As a student, I had always written my own personal notes. Since I first started my teaching career, I was pleasantly surprised by how my Physics notes from 10 years ago contributed to helping my students understand the key concepts in Physics. Firstly, there is definitely a need to summarize the lecture notes (which make up at least 2-3 thick ring files). Have you ever encountered a situation when a few examinations fall on the same day? Though you may have completed your revision, you will still need another 2-3 hours to glance through the notes, to reassure yourself that you are able to recall all that you have learned. This empowers you to walk into the examination hall confidently. For a quick last minute glance, you need your own personal notes (a maximum of 3 pages per topic).

    Secondly, I always feel it’s easier to read and remember my own handwriting, as opposed to the lecturers. (Yes! I know they are type-written). Not all may agree with me on this, but I am a visual person. I do not like memorizing individual equations and definitions. Instead, I remember the visual image of every page of my notes - the whole A level syllabus summarised into 30 odd pages! Since then, all examinations have been ‘Open-Book’ to me. Imagine me flipping pages of my summarized notes in my head! Yes! That’s what I do.

  • Is it important to write my own notes or should I just use the school lecture notes?

    Firstly, I have to convince you that if your notes are NOT organized, then the contents in your brain are most probably NOT organized as well! That’s logical. If I ask you to list out the 6 assumptions for Kinetic Theory of Gases, you may be able to randomly give me 4 or 5 of them. You will need a bit more time to give me the last remaining one. If you understand and remember all the 6 assumptions in order, you create a system. You will be able to list all of them in the exact sequence almost immediately.

    I am aware that many of your teachers have already been advising you to write your own notes. Good advice is almost always ignored, but that is not going to stop me from giving it. Before you become cynical about this, let me assure you that the notes I am referring to are going to be constructed in a very unique way. We must first agree on a common objective. The notes we are going to prepare should be organized in a way to help you at a time when you need it most and that’s during the examinations!

  • Does that mean that any student who has the notes will score an A?

    It’s not that easy to score an A. Anyway if it’s too simple, you are not interested in doing it. Understanding is still the core business here. A IP or JC physics student who simply memorizes the system and follows step 1 to 5 will not improve significantly. Yes, he should be able to pass since he is simply recognizing the concept being tested in the question and then following a set of procedures to reach the final answer. But this will not help improve his cognitive and analytical ability. An ‘A’ grade student behaves differently. He looks at your system, understands the principle behind the system, tests the system on different questions, and fine-tunes the system to cover a wider scope of questions. He will first accept and then improve. How do you know when you are ready? When your own notes are more precious than any other notes or textbook, that’s when you know you are ready.

  • Will the tuition centre administer Physics and Math tests?

    How do you know if you are improving? How do you know if you are on the right track? I will test you! With each physics or maths tuition class, you will have a 30 minutes short test after every 3 to 4 topics. You will soon realize that for all the hard work you and your teachers put in, you have only 30 minutes to perform. You will learn how to perform under stress, under exam conditions. Most importantly, I will make sure you improve. When I give my test review, I will highlight the concepts. You will discover your weakness and improve. Eventually, you will realize that every problem I have given you is extremely simple. Conceptually, they were not so simple. But from a math point of view, they are trivial. I may make it sound easy, but when you really attempt it, it’s going to be difficult. However, you are not alone. The initial phase is always difficult, but the path will get smoother gradually, sooner than you can realize.

  • Do you cover A Maths or E Maths in class?

    The Maths lessons are only suitable for IP students and main-stream students who are taking A Maths. All A and E Maths content will be covered in the lessons but a larger proportion of time and tests will be on the A Maths syllabus. E Maths revision will be more intense during the critical period just before the exams.

  • I would really like to attend the classes but I cannot afford the fee.

    The IP and JC tuition fee of The Physics Cafe may not be in the comfortable range of everyone's' budget, but it has already helped many Singapore students because of its structure today. Because of The Physics Cafe's policy, you will get to listen to the best teacher in Singapore, to be able to learn and be inspired the way you never thought is possible, and you can share the cost with so many students in the classroom. Otherwise, there will be many students who will not be able to afford to attend these lessons. I could not afford tuition when I was younger. I was lucky as I was willing and able to work hard, with sacrifices, of course. There is one more option. Let me present to you The Physics Cafe Digital Cafe.
    You will pay less than half the usual fee to attend the same lesson, with the same tutor and same materials in the comfort of our very own cafe library.

  • Are there any make-up lessons?

    "The centre specializes in Physics and Maths. Hence, we offer many different timeslots for the same level and subject within the same week. We trust that you see this flexibility as an advantage. We understand the importance of an optimal class size for effective learning and the flexibility to be able to change class on an ad-hoc basis. In order to have a balance of both, all students are allowed to make a maximum of 3 out of 10 ad-hoc or permanent changes or make up in a term." If you missed all the lessons in the week, we have The Physics Café Digital lessons where you can watch a video recording of the lesson that you missed.

  • Can you share with me about the digital lessons?

    Missed all scheduled lessons in the week? Or just want a recap on the physics tuition previous lesson?
    Or are you a non-existing student who wishes to attend the digital lesson instead of the live lesson?

    You can now attend the Physics Maths Cafe digital video at the comfort of our cafe, where you get to watch a video recording of an actual lesson. The plus side is, you will be given the hardcopy notes and you get to pause the video at any time.

    You can choose to revisit any topic or to choose your preferred timeslot to watch the video. We are offering you the flexibility, giving you the convenience of experiencing the live lesson.

    Register to attend the digital lesson now at

  • Will I be able to catch up as I join late?

    "We have to be honest with you – we have not found a way to create TIME. While you are trying to catch up with those who have good results for their mid years, they are not slowing down for you. Inevitably, you will only be able to run alongside with them if you are working harder than them for the rest of this journey. Indeed, this is necessary. To help you with this, we have thoughtfully prepared all the materials for the lessons that you have missed, with the tutors’ solutions for your own revision. Our materials are all printed in A5 size neatly packed into the Little Box of Secrets. This will help you stretch TIME."

  • Is there a trial lesson?

    As our vacancies are very limited, we cannot offer any trial lesson prior to IP and JC physics tuition. . Most of the students joined our Physics and Maths classes because their good friends or close relatives recommend us as the No 1 tuition centre in Singapore with the best teachers.

  • Why did you choose to relocate from Bishan, Marymount and Clementi to Toa Payoh?

    We are generous to break the bank to recruit the best teachers in Singapore. After this, we invest a lot of time to show the teachers how to use The Physics Cafe method to teach. Would I be able to get more good teachers and reach out to more students? Honestly, I cannot. Not in the next 5 years. We have very limited good teachers as I am very selective, and that means these few IP and JC teachers would not have the time to travel to different branches to teach. I made the choice to centralize everyone at Toa Payoh, because it is hard for anyone to say it is inconvenient to travel to Toa Payoh MRT. The combined campus also makes it easier for me to monitor all our lessons and students.

    Nothing is more important than the quality of the lessons in The Physics and Maths Cafe. I have to pay a price for this, 4 times higher than our previous rental combined together. For this premium place… which is big enough to fit in all 1000 secondary and JC and IP Physics and Maths students.

  • Why do you not have a sales hotline?

    We do not sell. We have no trial lessons or other business gimmicks to boost enrolment. Our fees are not cheap, yet we have the largest pool of secondary and JC students in Singapore (look at the photo gallery). Furthermore, 8 out of 10 of our students are recommended by friends and relatives and we will certainly like to keep it that way. Personally, I don't think it is the right time for us to do that now. We are not keen to push profits by getting more admin staff or teachers now. Because I know I will not be able to train or get enough good teachers to meet the demands if we open up our sales channel. That's why we do not sell.

  • Why should I choose The Physics and Math Cafe?

    You do not have to choose me. We did not invest money in The Straits Times or other major newspaper to become super tutors overnight. The Physics and Maths Café has already grown to become an established tuition center in Singapore. We have the most number of Physics students in Singapore (many times more). The reason why we can be who we are today is because we are different. You may not believe that we can teach that well. Read the testimonials from our students. They are not just making general positive statements, they are talking about how effective the lessons are and they are real people who can even be one of your friends. But you will be surprised that not everyone is looking for the best tutor. There are some who look for the centre that is nearest their house or school. Some wants the tutor to come to their house. Some wants the tuition fee to be more affordable. Some want the class size to be small. Some want good customer service. The IP and JC physics tuition market is not a transparent market at all. You do not go around trying different tuition centre in Singapore. This is not the same as going to a different carrot cake stall every week, and writing a blog so that you can rank all the carrot cake in Singapore. It is going to be difficult for you to choose. You have to listen to the people around you, instead of being attracted by the marketing techniques. Because once you do, you will get distracted and confused. I even have a tuition competitor who use a lot of money to buy over the domain www.physicscafe(.com) to redirect it to his own tuition website, passing off as The Physics Cafe. He is definitely not related to us. You can also see the content in duplicated in many other tuition websites too. Anyone can set up a tuition center, pay money and become a Super Tutor today. This is why we are not able to convince you that we are better than the rest. You do not have to choose The Physics Cafe over the other tuition centres. We can't teach every JC and IP student in Singapore too. There are always options.

  • Where is the tuition center located?

    430 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, Orange Tee Building, #15-01, Singapore 319402
    (Beside HDB hub and Hersing Centre, above Udders and Jack's Place)

    By MRT
    Step 1: Take the Toa Payoh MRT station, take Exit A (turn LEFT).
    Step 2: Walk straight into HDB Hub building then turn right.
    Step 3: Walk past Coffee Bean and exit HDB Hub when you see POSB bank. You will see The Physics Cafe Signboard beside Hersing Centre, walk past the entrance of Jack’s Place and the lift lobby is at the end.

    By CAR Drive along Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
    You will go pass HDB hub and bus interchange (on your left side).
    Get ready to turn left into OrangeTee carpark after you passed Jack's Place and The Physics Cafe Signage.

  • How do I sign up for the lesson?

    All registration must be online on a first come first served basis. You may register online at .
    After registration, you will receive an automated notification email and another confirmation email with the invoice attached within 3 days.
    Other information (date of first lesson and directions to the centre) will be included in the email.
    Note that all registration must be completed at least 3 days before the first lesson.

  • How do I withdraw from the tuition if I do not want to continue anymore?

    Following initial enrolment into physics and maths tuition for IP or JC students (weekly lessons or workshop), the student’s entitlement to a place in subsequent terms is automatic. There is no need to register again for the new term. Student who does not wish to continue lesson in the next term may submit the online withdrawal form at We encourage students to give us early notification (before week 8 of the term or 3rd lesson of any holiday workshop or the deadline stated in the invoice) so that we can release the seat to the other students on the waiting list.

  • What if I want a 1-1 private tuition with the tutor?

    "The structure behind The Physics Cafe is that you can learn from the best teacher but at an affordable price by sharing the cost with the classmates. We do not wish to offer a one to one private timeslot with our tutor as you will be spending 20 times more for the same timeslot, learning the same thing as in a group session.

  • Do I get a refund if my child was not able to attend one of the lessons?

    The course fee for group IP and JC tuition is shared among all registered students based on the scheduled lessons. We would like to thank you for understanding that the fee remains payable regardless of attendance.

  • If my child is in an IP school, can he/she attend?

    The lessons here catered for both IP and non-IP students as the syllabus is the same. The only difference is that the questions in IP are more challenging. The students in our Physics and Math tuition classes are mostly above average students who are already self-motivated including students from IP schools. The pace of lessons in The Physics Cafe are generally accelerated and questions are more challenging to cater to the nature and needs of our students. We have a good mix of students from both IP and non-IP streams.

  • My child is studying IB. Are there other IB students in the tuition? Will it be suitable for my child?

    There are year 5 and year 6 IB students from ACSI and SJI joining the JC Physics classes here. We will be following the A level syllabus in our classes and therefore the questions may be more difficult than is required by the IB students. The students who join the JC physics tuition classes usually do so as the questions set in their schools are the same level of difficulty as the A-level. 100% of our IB students scored a 7 as of now. As for JC Maths classes, the sequence of topics is quite different so JC Maths classes are not suitable for IB students. IB secondary students may join our physics tuition classes as the difference is minimal. Be rest assured that any differences will be addressed.

  • Is the payment monthly or termly?

    It is a termly payment (usually defined as 10 weeks). Both the student and the parent will receive an invoice from us at the end of the term for the payment of the new term.

  • What is the accepted form of payment?

    We currently only accept Cash and Cheque.

  • Where is the full breakdown of the termly payment?

    We usually send out invoices for the fee payment at the end of the tuition term. Please refer to page 2 on the invoice that you have received, the full hours and breakdown of the IP and JC classes are explained fully there.

  • Can I ask my tutor questions after class?

    Yes, the students can ask questions after class.

  • The Physics Cafe has a scholarship for honorable ambassadors. what a refreshing initiative! Could you share more about the scholarship?

    As 8 out of 10 of our IP and JC students are introduced to the centre by word of mouth, most of them are friends from the same school. The ambassador of the school should be a role model for these students. He will be responsible for collating the exam results from the students so that we can see how the students fare relatively, compared to their peers. and of course, his school fee will be fully funded by us.If you are highly motivated and has an outgoing personality, you can try to apply to be our honorable ambassador. We are looking for at least one ambassador per school. Successful applicants will be given either a full or partial scholarship to attend Physics or Math classes in the cafe. Leave a message at or and the admin team will follow up with you.

  • Are you recruiting?

    We are looking for the BEST Physics and Maths specialists in Singapore! The Physics and Maths Cafe is already popular with the secondary and JC students in Singapore. We do not need to spend much to get the students, but we will break the bank to get the right tutor. Expect up to 4 times higher than the highest - from $200 to $600 per lesson. Email your CV with photo and relevant teaching experience to We will be looking forward to see you in a lesson interview chaired by Head of Academic, Mr. Dave Sim. A-level graduates or poly graduates in multimedia design are welcome to apply for administrative positions